The Mac Attack

“I’m bringing sexy back”, chimed one of Hollywood’s finest fitties, Mr Justin Timberlake. And would you grab a look at who’s brining Sexy Mac!? Two of Cardiff’s finest fitties Miss Lorna Oakley and Justine Jones.

The fab due have joined forces to create fashion label The Mac, who released their signature designs last year. And what a Mac she is, I’m telling you now, them other coats won’t know how to act.

        Justine rocking her ‘Holly’ Mac in Fuschia

You know when your mate buys something new,  an you have to pretend to be happy for her, when internally you’re about 2 seconds away from bursting into a blind, jealous rage because you don’t own it yourself. It takes all your strength not to rip her weave out, and instead, you just nod and tell her, Yeah babe, that’s lush that. The Mac, is that piece of clothing. I mean, what sets off your friend’s envious green complexion, better than a hot pink coat?! Ok, karma might punish you for that one, but let them worry about ethics for you, because The Mac’s are all made in the UK. but wait, it gets better, the pair plan on bringing all manufacturing to Wales. How fab is that!? What makes this coat stand out though, is not just how it was made, or where, but how it looks. Gorgeous details that are designed perfectly by women, for women. The tailoring mostly, which complements your form, even if you’ve been hounding the Maccies. But my favourite feature is the huge hood. Wether you’re fresh from a blow dry, or you’ve spent hours trying to achieve the perfect casual messy bun of dreams, neither will be ruined thanks to this helishly clever feature. Umbrellas are fab an all, I mean I’d never leave the house without one. But we’re in Wales, and we don’t get rain like other countries. We’re partial to that horrendous, wind fulled side rain, that even the best brolly cant defend against. Thank god for St Davids2 and the arcades, but what about when we’re shopping down The Hayes!? A Welsh girls needs two hands to carry all her shopping and sometimes we just can’t afford to loose an arms worth of Reiss sales pieces to carry a bloody umbrella. That’s where this mac’s got your back. She’s such a babe like that. If she were a woman,  she’d be the one that poped her head out the changing rooms to tell strangers they look lush, she’s that sort of babe.

      Lorna looking gorj in her Mac

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