Handbags on the Lawn with Lola & Me

For as long as there has been cloth. There has been fashion. It is my honest opinion that embarrassing Adam and Eve into covering their wobbly parts was single handedly gods greatest work. For if she had not, we wouldn’t have fashion.

Ok, maybe as humans evolved, and as it got a bit nippier, instinct might have led them to drape an animal fur over themselves, but I’m going off topic … Like a lot,

What I’m trying to say is, how fab is fashion!?

I was saying, For as long as there has been cloth. There has been fashion. And buyers, and sellers and admirers alike. And then a brand comes along which you fall in love with. The cuts, the colours, the ethos, everything.

Audrey had Givenchy, Carrie had Manolos, and I have Lola and Me.

Designed and crafted in Wales by the lush Heidi Louise, Lola and Me are a fabulous new contemporary company, specialising in accessories who don’t conform to that crafty folk art look which a lot of Welsh companies adhere too. Lola pieces are genuinely fashionable. They’re chic and streamlined with beautiful details. Heidi-Louise designs and makes all her beautiful bags in Wales too, so not only are you looking lush, but your supporting local business too!

I’m always getting compliments on my Beatrice clutch and it just so happened that my bezzy Nina was carrying her Sophia clutch when we met up a few weeks ago. What a fab opportunity to photograph them we thought!

If you’re looking for a gorgeous new clutch bag for the summer, avoid the high st, close that Asos page, and head over to Lola and Me 

The perfect summer clutch right? Shop the entire collection here

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