Product Review – Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse, Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

 Product Review – Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse, Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Picture the scene, you’re walkin down the street, your hair’s lookin fit, you’re on cloud nine. But wait – this is Wales, surely your perfect hair can’t last for long? And sure enough – as the humidity levels rise, so does your barnet.

We’ve all been there, but thankfully there are hair oils on the market which us women are buying by the gallon load, to prevent such frizzy frenzies.

Up until now, I’d been usin all sorts of oily potions and lotions on my mop. An then I tried this little beaut. Nuxe’s – Huile Prodigieuse, multi-purpose dry oil, which can be used on your hair, face or body.

I bought some last week and I wanted to share my review with you, in an attempt to comfort other frazzled friends, and let them know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Beautiful golden shiny light.

Packaging – obviously fit, s’like with anythin from this company, It’s simple and classic lookin.

Smell – It sort of smells like somethin Estee Lauder might bring out in the summer, it’s gorra proper lush floraly scent to it (think – Beyond Paradise). Actually, it kinda smells like a perfume you’d have worn when you were about 16 because you thought it made you smell grown up and elegant. (Again, think Beyond Paradise)

Product – It’s not gloopy like some oils, it’s a very fine liquid, which can be deceptive. You literally, an I am not exaggeratin here, only need to use the tiniest bit. Too much by even a drop and you look like you’ve just finished a 12 hour shift in McDonalds, so use sparingly.

Direction – damp hair, rub on ends, blow dry, you know the deal.

But on my god, I’m not even jokin, as soon as your hair dryer even wafts past your hair that’s it, you just know that it’s like 1000 times better than anything you’ve ever used. It makes your hair SO sleek and smooth and just perfect.

Usually, after blow dryin, I am sporting the Tina Turner look. I have all of the vols but none of the control.

Well not anymore. I was lookin at myself in the mirror, swishin my sleek smoothy hair about, an I thought, do I even need to turn my ghd’s on? I think I like this wavy glossy look. So I didn’t, just let myself go natural like.

*Pause at this point to take a selfie*

Who should buy it?

Apart from the obvious answer, which is anyone who has a face, body or hair.

This product would be an absolute dream investment for women who’ve just moved in with a lad. Or… women who have a lad to stay round often, but aren’t quite ready to go full natural on them. (That shit takes time)

Basically, you know when he starts stayin over and you have your mornin shower, an usually when you go meet him you’ve had 2 hours to perfect that natural look, but now you’ve gorra try get ready without lookin high maintenance?

Yeah, get this. You’ll be laughin. Rub it in, quick blow dry and your hair’s done. No faffin around.

All you’ve got to do now is perfect the best ‘lad stayed over for the first time, need to apply make-up in a way that doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing make-up’ make-up.

Might do a blog on that an all?


When it comes to using it on your body, I’ve got one helluva TOP tip.

I’ve already explained about how fit it smells, but here’s how to get the most out of this product’s sensuous scent.

Get out the shower, so you’re all drippy and still wet. Rub the oil (tiny bit now) into the areas you’re most likely to sweat. Armpits, elbow creases, under your boobs etc. Let it sink in, then carry on with your routine.

The smell will last for ages, so go easy on the perfume, but it’s evening now and the smells worn off since you applied it so early.


It’s dark, you’ve had a glass of red, you’re cwtched up on the sofa, and one thing leads to another and you’re goin at it.

Next thing you know, the oil, which has been sat patiently, starts exuding from your sweat glands. All of a sudden, you’re transformed into this golden, glistening sex goddess who smells like the Garden of Eden!

He. Will. Go. Wild.
He’ll be all like, ‘Oh my god, you even smell incredible when you sweat’ and you’ll be all like, ‘Oh, really? That’s just my natural scent’…

… I feel like I’ve gone off topic, because I have… Long review short, if you fantasise about being some kind of glimmerin, sleek goddess, go buy this oil.

Love, WGP x

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