Daenerys Targaryen – A proper Welsh Girl

Daenerys Targaryen – A proper Welsh Girl

I recently started watching Game of Thrones (I know, I know talk about jumping on the bandwagon late, but my boyfriend was proper keen to get me into it) And I’ve gorra say, so far I’m liking it, and I cannot get over how much my fave character of all time Daenerys Targaryen reminds me of a proper Welsh girl…

Her husband is/was (soz possible spoiler) a huge tanned lad with a beard, tattoos, the arms of a rugby player and a funny accent, he could not be anymore of a Valleys lad. Plus he was like all Welsh boys, he gave it massive around his mates but he was proper mushy at home.

She’s the mother of dragons – You literally couldn’t get more Wels than that like

Her name has the name Nerys in it, and she hails from Targaryen, which could deffo be a place in West Wales.
Their house crest has a three headed dragon on it, which is basically our flag crossed with the three feathers, and their moto ‘fire and blood’ could easily be a rugby chant

She loves a bit of fake hair, fine – it might be a requirement of the character to wear that blonde wig, but any woman who embraces fake hair is deffo one of us.

Her eyebrows, they are so on point – they are the perfect combination of natural and groomed. The Welsh love a distinct brow, not like scouse destinct, but well looked after, with a hint of ‘oh my god babe your brows look fab!’

All she’s missing is a set of acrylic nails and I swear she could be the ultimate Welsh girl, don’t you reckon?!

Something tells me this list will be added to the more that I watch, so stay tuned

Wgp x

Picture credits: geektyrant.com & hero.wikia.com

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