Review : Funky Pump Fitness

My Tuesdays are normally spent on the sofa, eating Ice-Cream and binge watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. But with a holiday booked for 3 months time, and a desire for a Kim K style derrière in my bikini, I graciously accepted Rachel Morris‘ invitation to try the latest fitness craze to sweep South Wales, The Funky Pump class. A boxing based workout in a night club style environment.

I should note, that I am norrin good shape. The most of a workout my gym leggings have ever seen is when I’ve had to lunge them out, cos they’ve shrunk in the tumble dryer. In fact most of the ‘gym clothes’ I even own were only ever bought based on how comfy they looked for hangovers.

But full of anticipation (or was it nerves) , I packed my gear and headed over the Universal Fitness Studio (U-Fit) building on Ocean Way. I was greeted by a proper lush woman at the reception desk (major eyelash envy as I was bare faced) who showed my up the the class.

I was running late (standard like) so I was a bit nervous about having to walk in. You know that feeling you get when you’re dead paranoid everyone’s gunna stop what they’re doing and just turn an stare? Given the nature of the class, that didn’t happen. Thanks to the live DJ, your instantly greeted by loud dance music and the lights turned low (thank god!) But I almost had to put my hands over my mouth to stop the words ‘Sorry Sir, I can’t do P.E today, I’ve got cramps’ from falling out my mouth when I saw what the class was up to! But the instructor Luke was SO helpful, He  sped over and instantly made me feel more relaxed by talking me through the steps and letting me know what was going on. I spoke to Luke after the class and apparently he does this for all newbies, or anyone who’s getting a bit lost, which is proper helpful.

This high intensity cardio class, which is designed to emanate a nightclub, started with a routine segment which the whole class did together, and shorter mixed routines which were done in groups, so about 4 or 5 of us in each row, worked on a different routine, a mix of things like Punchy lunges, Irish dancing legs and sit-ups (I’m still gettin to grips with a lot of the jargon)

This was rounded off with a bit of punch bag action, which was done it pairs. My partner was SO lush, an I had major tan an nail envy. Only a Welsh girl could look that glam working out! I think I missed the memo though cos if sweat if your fat crying, then mine must have just broken up with her boy or sumthin, cos my fat was howlin!

I wasn’t very good at punching, until I started picturing my old boyfriends face on the bag – A top tip, that really puts the ex in exercise. Proper good for de-stressing, and dead fun. This was followed by short bursts of  not so fun exercises, punctuated by more boxing,  This included ranking (planking), squats, and burpees (I honestly thought theses happened as a result of neckin your vodka an coke too quickly! Further proving just how unfit I am)

I have a short attention span, so the fact that each set was done in quick bursts, with lots of variation kept me on my toes, literally in some cases, and allowed for lots of little water breaks.

It sounds tough, and it was, but don’t let that put you off. It was a lorra fun and I highly recommend it!

Love, WGP x

N.B Three days later an I’m still sore mind, but it’s a good sore,  I know it means I’m one step, or lunge, closer to my Kim K booty.

Funk Pump Fitness 

Perfect for : Anyone looking to get toned, fast!

Best Part : The club music, laser lights and fun atmosphere

Worst Part : Havin to use sweaty boxin gloves (take a towel girls)

Where : There are a number of locations across South Wales, check out their website to find your enarest one. The class I attended was as Universal Fitness Cardiff, Unit 1B Trident Park, Ocean Way, Cardiff CF24 5

When: Cardiff classes – Tuesday 18:40 – 19:40 and Thursday 17:40 – 18:40

Price : £5 per class

Website :

Twitter :  @FunkyPump

Tel : 029 2048 6488

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