Cardiff was mine – Twitter takeover

Last Sunday (27/09/14) I was given the virtual keys to the city. By that I mean I took control of the Cardiff is Yours Twitter Account, and while I’m still fumin that the Mayor hasn’t emailed to offer me a real set, it was still fun to hold an electronic bunch for the week (Even if I did cause a bit of agro with my tweets about chips)

For those non-followers out there – @cardiffisyours, in brief, is a Twitter account which is run by a different Diffian every week. It’s designed to give a personal insight into the lives of the various residents which this city houses.

I’ve gorra admit, all I did was basically ramble on about cheese and carbs for the entire week, but it was fab to interact with new followers and hear what my fellow ressies had to say.

For those of you who do follow – you’ll know that the key holders have to submit a bit of a bio, and I thought I’d share mine here;

About me : I’m your typical twenty something Welsh girl, who wants the same thing as any other Cardiff girl, a huge bouncy pony tail, new nails every fortnight, and to marry a Welsh rugby player. The problem is, the weather means my hairs always flat, my nails chip and my boyo hasn’t gorra contract from the WRU. Consequently, I spend most of my time either tampin, fumin, or ragin.

Favourite place to be a Cardiffian: Sat in the grounds of Cardiff Castle, New York Deli hoagie in hand, replenishing the calories I just lost darting around the Hayes, where I’ve accidentally managed to spend my entire months rent.

(You know how hotels give you a credit card shaped piece of plastic to get into the rooms? Yeah, well I always pretend that my Castle Key is unique to me, and that I have to use it to get home – Cos I’m a princess obv. So I’d deffo say the Castle is my fave place in Cardiff)

If you live in Cardiff, and it sounds like something you’d be interested in, then head over to Cardiff Is Yours and check out how you can gerrinvolved.

Have a fab weekend,


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