My Beef with Burger & Lobster

The new Burger & Lobster in town looks lush. The interior & the drinks menu look fab. But, (as anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen me point out recently) why would you serve American meat to a country who produces some of the best beef in the world?

This is something I asked B&L, and their reply, was absolutely redic.

Screenshot 2015-02-08 at 5

Firstly, the fact that your burger racked up more air miles in the last month than you did last year is just depressing. I mean their carbon footprint must be bigger than my lashes on the weekend. And secondly, anyone who’s not been living under a rock for the last million years knows cows live on grass.

The promotion of small companies is so important to Wales (I think the support offered to independents is one of the things which makes us so fab). And it’s also important to develop our exports, and to strengthen our economy by keeping money in the country.

What fumes me about B&L is how they have no understanding of this. Supplying beef or lobster to a company of that size that would be a huge contract to any farmer and would have be a gigantic boost to the Welsh economy had they chosen to go local. Instead they chose to import their produce from America, in an attempt to save money, which for a company that charges £20 a burger, seems very shellfish. 🦀

But Burger & Lobster are typical of the big chains which are coming up from London, and bringing their London prices with them. Like scuse, but I need money for my dinner AND my brow wax!

So if you’re lookin for a burger, which supports our farmers, & is made from beef, Welsher than Tom Jones in a rugby kit, try my fave The Grazing Shed.


Header Image from Burger & Lobster 


Edit: Burger & Lobster have now closed their first and only Welsh restaurant. They commented that ‘Cardiff wasn’t ready’ for them, which might just be the most patronising and condescending statement ever. We’ll never be ready for greedy chains who don’t value our nations ethos and we’re certainly not ready to pay bonkers prices for mediocre food. Cardiff was born ready, just not for that shit.

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