Two Finger Drinks – Your Party – Their drinks

Whoever says money can’t buy happiness, has clearly never tired one of Tim, aka ‘Two Finger drinks’’ Cocktails…

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I loves spending my weekends down Mill Lane, sucking on something fruity – but every once in a while, a girl just wants to hang up her bodycon, chuck on her slippers and get pissed in the house. Enter, Tim of Two finger drinks.

The concept is dead simple. You all either pay £10 a head & supply the ingredients (don’t worry, Tim emails you a shopping list) or he buys them for you and you pay £20 a head. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Tim brings the bar (yes you read correctly) along with all the glasses, stirrers, squeezers & shakers, & sets up while you and the girls nibble on brownies and catch up (we all know that’s girl code for bitch). Here’s where Tim surprised me – He was so funny, and got well involved with all the chat! By the end of the night we had more inside jokes with Tim than we did between us I think.

Nina (who generously offered her flat for the evening) and Sophie sharing a joke – probs about a frog or Sad Kanye

And then the cocktails came… This is where I was surprised for a second time. I mean, I’ve drunk good cocktails in my time, and I know my shit. But Duw, I’ve never tasted gin like it before.

We started with a La Boheme – gin, elderflower, pomegranate which was served in Martini glasses and naturally made us feel like Sex & the city characters – Que us deciding who would be who (Samantha obv)


Because nothing says relaxed glamour like a cocktail & Jade’s fab slippers

 These were followed by Brambellini’s – gin, elderflower, lemon served short with just the right amount of giggle inducing gin.



and finished with a Peach Melba Collins (my fave) – gin, schnapps, raspberry and peach – which were like my nails, long, strong and fabulous.




It’s worth noting that within one second of us placing our empty glasses on the table, Tim was already crushing ice and shaking fresh cocktails for us from the kitchen. He. Is. The dream

We were greedy and held on to Tim for longer than we should, but when there’s a handsome, funny guy making you amazing cocktails all night, you pretty much do what you can to make him stay as late as he did. But he’ll also come over to shake you up some delicious pre-drinks. So whether you just fancy a fab night in with the girls, or you wanna swap your pre town Echo Falls for the world’s best peach and raspberry gin, give Tim a shout – and book yourself a Two Finger party.

P.s Tim only ever uses hangover free booze – but you may wake up with a headache from laughing so much


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