Bank holiday beers, burgers & bants

I always think any weekend that makes you fat, broke & tired is a sign of a good un. And this past Easter weekend was no exception. The biggest news of all is that I moved house! The new place has gorra little balcony so I can see this summer being spent out there with a jug of cold cocktails & the girls – buzzin for it like. Naturally I ate Easter chocolate bunnies whilst unpacking boxes, followed by the the worlds fittest nachos (scoffed em before I could take a pic) at the TheMacho_Nacho pop-up with the_littlenomad & SophieBall.

Tim of TwoFingersUK supplied the tequila based cocktails, but as I can’t even smell the stuff without heavin (thanks to a few particularly heavy nights on the stuff) I sipped on Limoncello & gin cocktails which were made specially for me… I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, you won’t find a better mixologist in Cardiff like. On Sunday a bunch of us headed to the StFoodWarehouse for RadburgerCo burgers, beers in a bag courtesy of TenMillLane and delicious churrosandchoc  churros with hot melted chocolate for dipping. With it being a bank holiday, we all felt the need to get steams, so headed over to BrewDogCardiff were we sat all night drinkin ale & laughin with Soph’s date.

The following day, with a large bottle of water & a pair of shades, my boyfriend and I headed to TheGrazingShed, aka the city’s best burger & hangover cure where we sat and made good use of the bottomless pop. I can’t work out if my sides hurt from laughing so much or if it’s all the food, either way, I’ve had a lush one! So here I am – fat, broke & tired, but ready to take on the week (thank god it’s a short one)

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