Welsh Girl Horoscopes

Whether you’re an astrology sceptic or a full on star sign obsessive there’s no denying that these Welsh Girl horoscopes are blates 100% accurate…

Aries ♈ March 21 – April 19

Aries is the first of the zodiac sign & when you meet an Aries woman you’ll know why. She’s a born leader who always takes charge of the situation. She’s the one booking the taxi before a night out and giving you the 10 minute warning before the cab turns up. Aries live adventurous lives, and love being the centre of attention. Whether it’s on a dance-floor down Mill Lane, or a coffee shop in town, she’s always got people’s attention – And too right an all as they’re naturally confident & vibrant. However, If she doesn’t get the attention she needs, you’d deffo mistake her for a moody cow, sulking in the corner in all black. But don’t be fooled, under that Topshop hoodie is a little spring lamb who sometimes just need a cwtch. Aries women are impulsive & have a tenancy to speak, act & tweet before they think! If you’re drinking with an Aries, take her phone off her. She’s probably got that drunken text to her ex saved in drafts, and she’s one shot of tequila away from sending it.

Taurus ♉April 20 – May 20

Don’t let that bull symbol fool you. Yes Taurus women can be stubborn when they don’t get their own way (which isn’t always a bad thing) but they’re also strong & persuasive. When you’re out for dinner, a Taurus woman won’t suggest a restaurant to eat in. She’ll tell you where you’re eating, and she can sometime fall out with strong characters in the group as a result. On the other hand, Taurus’s are proper easy going, and she won’t be tamping for too long if she doesn’t get her own way. Financial security & family are import to them, so you can guarantee she’s always keeping one set of lashes on her ISA. Taurus women tend not to like flashy or gaudy things, so you won’t find her carrying a £900 Mulberry Bayswater just cos it’s got a logo on it. She’s savvy & will have picked up some lush leather number for a fraction of the price. Their generosity means they always have a new Zara clutch lying around to lend to their friends before a night out. And they’re considerate too, meaning they will have already packed it with chewing gum & eyelash glue!

Gemini ♊ May 21 – June 20

Gemini women are full of spirit (not the clear russian kind), and can often be found What’sApping the girls first thing on a Sunday morning, suggesting a brisk walk to shake off the hangover. It’s this vibrant energy that makes Gemini women great fun to be around! Geminis are not the type to sit back and watch the world go by, they wanna get involved and they’re usually the first up when there’s drama kicking off in the bar. Watch a Gemini Welsh girl talk for Wales too! She loves a good natter, and not just about Kim K’s latest selfie, she is intelligent & always has something interesting to offer the group. But be careful not to piss her off, because she can fume for Wales too. Gemini women are not the biggest fan of routine so you won’t find her nail appointment booked in for the same time every fortnight. in fact she’d rather pull of her acrylics individually than stick to a schedule!

Cancer ♋ June 21 – July 22

Cancers, the sign of the crab, are a mysterious lot. Their symbol suits them well cos they’re feisty when they need to be, but can retreat into their shell at any time. They’re proper homebodies who love nothing more than a night in with their onsie & a brew. Cancer women are sensitive & also keep their shell around them to avoid getting hurt, so lads would do well not to be twps around them, or else they might get pinched! Cancers can sometimes be over-sensitive, so keep the gin (aka crying juice) away from her. These Welsh girls tend to have caring characteristic which mean that if one of her friends is having romance troubles, they’re the first ones to suggest a night in round theirs – and you can guarantee a Cancer woman’s got a fridge full of rose & a Netflix que of rom-coms waiting for you. It’s this natural instinct to nurture that make Cancer women lush mams.

Leo ♌ July 23 – August 22

Leo Women are Lions, & this suits them perfectly! They’re the confident, ambitious rulers of their pack, and absolutely live to be in the spotlight. A Leo woman’s mane is her pride & she knows, the bigger the hair, the closer she is to god. On a night out she is as glam as they come! She only needs to look at a lad & he’s got his credit card out, & is sending over complimentary bottles of Moet to her table. But be careful, she can pounce like a lion too & she has a fiery temperament. Leo’s are fierce protectors & if she see’s some cringy twp in a scoop neck t-shirt trying to grind on her friend, she’s the first one over dancing between them, making a barrier with her new clutch (Which is probably designer) Leo’s love luxury, whether it’s a new pair of Loubs, or adding cream & marshmallows to her hot chocolate, she always wants the best of the best.

Virgo ♍ August 23 – September 22

Virgo women are thinkers, and not just in a ‘I think I left my straighteners on kinda way’. Their minds are always trying to figure things out, and they’re forever analysing & over analysing situations. If a Virgo women is having romance troubles, she can spend hours reading over a single text trying to work out what it means. They can be quite interfering at times mind, so if the lad your messaging has read your WhatsApp but not replied, don’t ask a Virgo for advice – She might not tell you what you want to hear. They sometimes have the reputation of being cold and distant because they’re quiet, but keep an eye on her. If she starts tweeting Adele lyrics, you know there’s something bigger going on with her that she’s just not telling you about it. Virgos are perfectionists too and always strive for the best. As a result, they tend to have the neatest brows & nails.

Libra ♎ September 23 – October 22

Libra’s are the calm diplomats of the group. Very classy too, pure Catherine Zeta-Jones types. If there’s drama kicking off, you can guarantee she’s the one to step in and sort the situation out. Libra women love surrounding themselves with people and they make great friends because they’re amazing listeners & will sit with you for hours, pouring the wine when you’re having romance probs, and patiently agreeing with you that your boyfriend is being a dick. In return for this though, they’re gunna need a lot of attention themselves, which anyone would be happy to give because these women can captivate their audience. They have an amazing sense of humour too and have anyone around them in stitches. Libras like to surround themselves with beautiful things, and you can guarantee she always has pretty trinkets & fresh flowers in her house. Some people think Libras are vain, but they just like to look good & love treating themselves to a blow dry every week.

Scorpio ♏ October 23 – November 21

A Scorpio Welsh girl is deep and extremely intense. She might give off the impression that she’s norrased, but deep down is an immense power and depth. Scorpio’s are pretty much the Prosecco ice buckets of the group because there’s always more going on beneath the surface. Scorpio women are always digging for goss and wanna know as much about a situation as they can. When they meet someone they fancy they’ll happily sit for ages just listening so they can work out exactly who this person is. She knows everything that’s gong on and it would genuinely be easier for a lad to get into a club in trainers that it would be for him to mess a Scorpio woman about! She knows exactly when you’re playing games and won’t stand for being dicked around. If you do manage to crack through that wall she keeps up, she’ll be the most loyal gf you’ve ever had. So don’t think about sending flirty texts to your ex if you’ve gorra Scorpio gf because she’s sweet, until she bites! Generally though, Scorpions are known for their kindness and generosity which is what makes them so lush to be around. If you’re out with a Scorpio, don’t be surprised if you end up offering to buy her a drink as she has a masterful way of controlling those around her.

Sagittarius ♐ November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius women are so chill it’s unreal. Think cool Instagram posts with stacked jewelry & yoga on the beach. They’re naturally easy going too and are always giving things a positive spin. This sign deals best with breakups because Sagittarius women stay kinda detached from emotions & look to the future instead. She chooses a night in with Tinder, where she’s determined to find the next Mr Swipe Right rather than drown her sorrows in Echo Falls and Ben & Jerry’s. A Sagittarius woman is so free spirited too and she’s deffo the one to suggest packing the car up with blankets and snacks and heading out on a road trip. It’s this that makes Sagittarius women  so fun to be around, but they can be kinda reckless too, choosing to jump into new adventures rather than assessing the dangers. On the whole though, these women are optimistic and the glass is deffo always half full of vodka lime & soda in their eyes.

Capricorn ♑ December 22 – January 19

Capricorns are deffo the Elle Woods of all the star signs. They’re career orientated, hard working and focused. If a Capricorn woman has her sights on a promotion, a partner or a pair of Loubs, she’ll work hard, set goals and follow them through until she’s got her prize. Capricorns are the type to check their work emails before their Twitter when they wake up and it’s this level of dedication that makes them so successful. They can be quite controlling mind in work and in relationships – I mean, her fave position is blates CEO. A Capricorn woman sees life in black & white (a bit like her cool monochrome wardrobe) and doesn’t have time to mess about with blurred grey areas. It’s not all Peplum dresses & power lunches though, because a Capricorn is resourceful – don’t be surprised if her new denim shorts are just her old Topshop jeans cut down.

Aquarius ♒ January 20 – February 18

If you’ve ever met someone who was mega sarcastic and dry witted, you can almost guarantee she was an Aquarius. This is deffo the sign of sarcasm and clever humor. These Welsh girls tends to be quirky too, and they like to catch the eye of their partner by standing out from the crowd, whether that’s with her class A bants, or her eclectic dress sense. An Aquarius has that typa quirky style where she can pull anything off & makes a headscarf & a pair of gold hoops look cool. This star sign loves intellectual stimulation and you’re likely to find that she picks up the sudoku book in the salon rather than the latest copy of Heat. An Aquarius can sometimes come across as rebellious cos she chooses to do her own thing and says what she means! Don’t be fooled by her stubbornness or her bitchy comments though, an Aquarius woman would never intentionally say anything to harm another person or animal (there’s blates pictures of puppies on her Insta & she’s probably liked Save the Earth on FB)

Pisces ♓ February 19 – March 20

Pisces woman are proper mysterious girls (think less Peter Andre, more Mystic Meg & her crystal ball emoji) This  cloud of mystery helps Pisces women protect themselves from getting hurt, as they’re the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. It’s this obsession with fantasy that makes these women so artistic too and they’re as at home in the salon as they are in the National Museum. Don’t be jel, but a Pisces artistic nature mean she’s normally nailed the perfect winged eyeliner look, on both eyes! Pisces woman are the sweetest ever too and they’re the first to bring you a choccy bar if you’re having lad troubles. As the most sensitive sign, they need a lot of looking after themselves too, so make sure you offer her plenty of cwtches. Pisces women love to nurture and be nurtured in return & tend to attract the type of partner who wants to protect (Think rugged caveman) and care for her. If you’re looking to treat a Pisces women, head to Etsy & browse through the crystal necklaces, it will deffo appeal to her spiritual side.

love, WGP x

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