New year, new merch!


Soz for bein so quiet girls, it’s been manic this end! Pinky promise I’ll make more time to post though cos I do genuinely love it like and who doesn’t love a little blog update.

So Christmas has been and gone, and so has Jan! Mad to think it was all those weeks ago when we were neckin champagne at midnight and singin Old Lang Syne!

Whatcha all been up to then? I’ve been dead busy (alright there’s been a lorra Netflix involved) but I have been plannin away gettin some new merch out for you girls!

As well as my Don’t cha mugs and WGP pocket mirrors, I’m now sellin sweatshirts! I’ve got three designs out currently and I’m literally in love with all of them. Aside from bein comfy an cwtchy as hell I think they’re so lush. I’ve had mine for a couple of days now and I’ve pretty much lived in em. They’re ideal for chuckin on if you’re nippin the shops or the gym and look mega cute with like skinnies and a big necklace if you’re goin for a coffee. I love the idea of cwtchin up in the Lush mun one with a pair of jammy bottoms and  a mug of tea. The rugby and chill one is obv perfect for match days and I’ve been wearin my tywysoges one with black skinnies and feelin like a proper Prin!

I can’t wait to see how you all style yours, like I’m literally buzzin to see your #ootd pics come through!

To shop the full collection, click here!

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