Emojis just got very, very lush

Has the lack of Welsh flag emoji got you Tampin, fumin, ragin? Well don’t worry babe, the Welshmojis, a brand new app available for iPhone and Android are finally here.

With everything from Welsh flags and rugby kits to Love Spoons and your fave phrases, this app is guaranteed to turn your WhatsApp and iMessage convo’s Welsher than Dan Biggar eatin a Welsh cake at a Tom Jones concert. Groups chats across the country are about to seriously go up a level.




Tim Webber, Fanmoji founder:

“Welsh people are so passionate about their country, as we saw when the Welsh flag was left out of the basic emoji set that everyone already has. There’s so much that’s great to celebrate about Wales that we thought a set of Welsh-specific emoji stickers was a great idea. And of course Welshmoji seemed like the obvious name.”

Last month the Fanmoj lot sent out a poll asking us Welshies to vote for the final few stickers which would be added. Tim was so chuffed with the response that they’ve decided to lower the download price from £1.49 to 79p! (Warra babe).

There are 95 Welshmojis available when you first get the app  and there are loads more which will be unclocked when 5000 people download Welshmoji so get all the girls on it!

Illustrator Sian Westcott:

“I can’t wait for the people of Wales to have their own emoji sticker app, and I hope everyone loves using it as much as I’ve loved creating the illustrations.”

“My favourite has to be ‘Cwtch’. The word has such a strong meaning in Wales and is used by virtually everybody, no matter their age. Anyone can hug, but only the Welsh can cwtch! We’ve worked hard on each and every Welshmoji and hopefully we’ve included the things that are the most important to people and represents us as a nation.”

How to get the app on your phone (it only takes a few taps):


  1. Search Welshmoji in the App Store and download.

  2. Open the app and the tutorial will take you through it.

  3. If you want to jump ahead, you go to Settings>General>Keyboard

  4. Tap Keyboards

  5. Tap Add New Keyboard

  6. Tap Welshmoji>Tap Welshmoji again and “allow full access”

  7. Open iMessage or WhatsApp and hold down the globe button in the corner to switch between your keyboards.

  8. Then Enjoy!


  1. Search Welshmoji in Google Play and download.

  2. Open the app and the tutorial will take you through it, and help you add the Welshmoji keyboard to your phone. A few taps and it’s done.

  3. To access Welshmoji once it’s installed, switch between your standard keyboard and Welshmoji. (This process differs on various versions of Android phones.)

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