Lush Lunchin’ at Oscars of Cowbridge

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I loves a good photogenic lunch, so when Oscars of Cowbridge invited me to try their new menu, I was well up for it. Chuck in the fact they’ve just a fit refurb an I could practically see the Insta likes pouring in.

So with my VSCO app updated and high expectations me and a couple of the girls headed off to Cowbridge for the day. Cue snapchat stories of us in the car, windows down rapping along to Kanye West at the top of our lungs.

Half an hour (or 9 songs later) we arrived at Oscars, which is lookin’ lush thanks to a recent makeover! Think sleek 70’s vibes with teal and copper accents and of courses, the obligingly trendy mismatched chairs.

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-IM8lC63 (1)
xV10MX3b (1)

It was about half one by the time we’d finished Instagramming the fit bar stools, gossiping and our first round of drinks so we dived straight into the lunch menu.

Burgers, wraps and flatbreads seemed like popular choices, and whilst very few adventures start with a salad, the leafy treats on offer looked lush and hearty! I obv went for a halloumi burger which arrived on a crisp on the outside, soft in the inside  pretzel roll and possibly the best chips I’ve had in a long time. Homemade coleslaw, a battered onion ring and red pepper tapenade were a fit touch too.


I washed it down with a Brecon Gin and tonic (because it’s always 5pm somewhere) and its deffo worth mentioning that whilst choosing my gin, the bar staff came to our table with each bottle in their hand for me to pick from. I was like Iesu mawr, this is my kinda service like.

You can tell when a meal’s good if everyone round the table is silent and from the moment they brought the food out, you didn’t hear a peep from us. If it wasn’t for the tidy playlist and nattering customers you would have heard a hair pin drop at our table.

The new menu and decor seems to be going down a storm with the locals too because the place was packed with glam Cowbridge girls, young families and a handful of regulars.

Pic taken from Oscars Facebook page.

We were too stuffed to even share a dessert but I caught a sneak peak of the warm brownie sundae as it headed off to some lucky table and it looked delish!

If you’re local then you’ve probably already visited Oscars, hell you’re probably there now sipping something cold, but if you’re just down the road like we are, then it’s deffo worth the trip. You’re guaranteed a gorgeous meal in fab surroundings and at least 11 likes on your Insta. And after all, isn’t that all a person really wants from their lunch?

Address: 65 High Street, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7AF
Telephone: 01446 771984 / Email:

* Oscars were lush enough to invite me for lunch in order to write this review.

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