The Wax Pot, Cardiff’s latest waxing boutique salon.

Last week, stressed out and in need of a bit of TLC, I booked myself in for pampering session at The Wax Pot, Cardiff’s latest waxing, tanning and Beauty salon.

However I’d scheduled  my appointment for a few days later and as everyone knows, you need a good few weeks of ‘grow out time’ before a wax. So, as I was already smoother than a Barry White CD, I  went with the Guinot Liftosome facial as my skincare regime currently consists of a cotton wool pad and a bottle of micellar water. My skin was so ready for actual pampering! I’d heard that The Wax Pot, the latest salon to emerge in the city was brand new and fabulous, I had to try it out. Situated on Churchill way, it’s in the perfect spot and the interior is neutral and relaxing with a carpet so soft you automatically wanna take your shoes off to enjoy it fully. After a bit of gossiping with the staff I was led to the treatment room, which is lush and relaxing, with a bed you just wanna cwtch up in.




My therapist Lucy chatted me through the process and after slipping out of my clothes and slipping under a fluffy blanket, my treatment started. I wish I could say I was the Kim K type who had facials on the regular but the closest I come to pampering is a £1 face mask from Boots. This surpassed my expectations, after buffing and cleansing all the dirt and dead skin cells off my face, Lucy applied a number of Guinot product (a lush French brand) to my face, I should tell you the names of them all and in what order they were applied but I was so relaxed I don’t think I could have told you my own name at the time.


The lifting mask, design to brighten and tighten was applied over the top and left to do its magic for 15 minutes. I’d show you a photo (I obv asked Lucy to snap pics whilst I was relaxing) but I legit looked like an Egyptian Mummy being embalmed. As if lying on a bed, covered in delicious smelling oils and creams couldn’t get any more relaxing, I was given an arm, hand and décolletage massage. I emerged from my treatment, which lasted just over an hour, more relaxed than ever and with skin so soft I had to stop myself stroking it every 5 minutes.



Hands down my fave new salon for pampering, and they’re currently giving away a summer package on their Twitter! (they know the way to a Welsh Girl’s heart!)

Happy pampering,

Find The Wax Pot on Twitter and Facebook
Tel: 02920345907

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