WGP teams up with Vagabonds 7’s

I’ve had a few ‘pinch me’ moments since startin WGP but one of my proudest moments to date has gorra be sponsoring the Vagabonds 7’s in the Heart Of Wales 7’s tournament this weekend.

Seein my logo on the shirts of these amazing, talented women will stay with me forever, and to have the Wales Women’s captain Rachel Taylor in a WGP kit was the coolest thing ever!



In true WGP fashion, one player was late because of her cattle and one of the cars got stuck in the mud! Talk about Welsh Girl Problems.

The #VagabondBabes in Action!

There will always be someone tryin to tackle you in life and god knows there’ll be a few rucks (and bruises) along the way, but when women support women, and work together as a team, amazing things happen!

image1 (1)

Ladies, I’m so proud I could burst! 👭🏉

Don’t forget to follow the Vagabonds 7’s on Twitter.
And to find out more about the Heart of Wales 7’s HERE

Images from Pitchero.com 

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