36 things all girls need to know.

Hints, tips and tricks guaranteed to help you live your best damn life.

1. Drink a big glass of really cold water in the morning. It’ll wake you up more than coffee and gives you healthy glowy skin!

2. In fact reducing your caffeine intake does AMAZING things for anxiety and your decaf caramel latte will still taste exactly the same, trust me. 

3. Equally, if you’re feeling anxious, try running, jogging or walking for 20 minutes a day. You’ll start to feel the benefits instantly. 

4. There’s nothing that coconut oil can’t fix! Bulk buy that shit.

5. Make Talcum Powder your new bbf. Use it as emergency dry shampoo, to stop chaffing and dab on your lashes between mascara coats for the thickest lashes you’ve ever seen!

6. For an instant hair mask, whisk 1 egg with a splash of water and rub it into the your hair and scalp. Leave in for as long as you like (5 minutes to 2 hours) and wash out with warm water. (Not too hot or you’ll cook the egg – vom)

7. Bend false lashes around your finger before you apply them. This stops them flinging out at the edges.

8. Add lash glue and press play on Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love. When she sings the line ‘I look and stare so deep in your eyes’, it’s time to apply them.

9. Before you start getting ready for a night out, blow your nose and brush your teeth. It’s not about ruining your foundation or your lippy.

10. Never wear socks on the day you’ve got a night out planned, they’ll leave a nasty elastic mark around your ankle.

11. Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ is the best makeup setting spray but fuck what anyone says, hairspray does the trick too.

12. Use your pinky or ring finger to apply products under or around the eye, your pointy finger will press too hard and ruin the finish.

13. Getting your brows waxed and tinted will not only help you look fleeky as hell, but save you time in the mornings too.

14. Never go back to an ex. It rarely works the second time around.

15. Never ever take anyone back once they’ve cheated. Cut. That. Shit. Loose.

16. Let go of the FOMO. Unless the girls are planning a party in the same club as the Welsh squad, you’re never going to miss that much by passing up on a night out.

17. Hold your Prosecco glass by the stem, you look classy as fuck and it stops your drink going flat.

18. Never rub face scrub into your skin, dab it with the end of your fingers like you’re typing on a keyboard.

19. There’s nothing wrong with a ‘freezer surprise’ tea. Chicken nuggets, smiley faces and spaghetti hoops are sometimes just what you need.

20. Try and shop local wherever you can. Even if it’s a pint of Welsh milk or an apple from the greengrocer’s down the road, it all helps!

21. Don’t wear perfume when you’re hungover. You’ll Deffo regret it.

22. Never by cheap jeans. We all love Topshop’s Jamie’s but invest in a decent pair too (that won’t fade faster than the average tinder relationship)

23. Never chase a man. Even if Leigh Halfpenny’s stood in front of you an you’re wearing your Nike Rosche.

24. That girl you’re obsessed with on Instagram doesn’t really live like that. Don’t compare yourself to others online. Even the most #Perfect people cry into their cheesecake and have to take the bins out.

25. If you don’t wanna see your bra, wear a nude one not white.

26. Don’t skip breakfast, you’ll be a hangry mess by 11am. If you ‘can’t eat in the mornings’ then grab something small and light. But don’t skip it!

27. A white base coat will make your nail colour pop!

28. Collection lasting perfection concealer costs lest than £5 and covers a multitude of sins.

29. Eat chocolate or bananas when you get period cramps.

30. A cwtchy night in with a takeaway and your fave film cures almost any situation.

31. Tweeze your brows immediately after a shower while the hairs are soft to reduce pain by like a million percent.

32. Never ever go to sleep with make-up on. Even if you’re steaming, grab a face wipe!

33. For THE perfect nap, (one that doesn’t leave you dry mouthed an wondering what year it is) Drink a cup of coffee, set an alarm on your phone and nap for 20 minutes.

34. If you wanna feel commanding, walk across a hard floor in a pair or stilettos. That sound is pure power.

35.When your mascara costs £28, you can’t afford to cry over men!

36. Never call another woman anything you wouldn’t want to be called by a man.

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