10k, a Big Diolch AND a Birthday Sale!

At the end of a hazy summer, on August 30th 2013 I went for a walk by myself to Roath Park, sat down on a bench and got my phone out. I hadn’t long moved to Cardiff an I was feeling about as popular as a salad at a buffet.

All my friends had moved to different parts of the country so it was on this particular day that I sat on this bench, created a new email address and started a Twitter account. A few name changes and tweaks later, and Welsh Girl Problems was born.

I remember being sat back in my living room after reaching my first milestone and thinking, wow 100 strangers follow my account. Cut to three years later and those 100 stranger have turned into 10,000 friends. (Soz about bein so mushy!)

That blows my mind.

In the February of last year I started writing my tweets on mugs. Eventually my pocket mirrors came out and in February of 2016, the WGP clothing line was born! Since being in the city it’s taken me a while to find my feet but now when I wake up and sit at my desk packing up orders, I think of all you fab lot who like my tweets and buy product from my shop, and I feel so lucky.

What started off as one tweet, sent from a bench on Roath Park, turned into a company which I’m so proud to call mine.

As a massive Diolch, everything in my shop will now be in the Birthday Sale from today, until August 30th when there will be a HUGE WGP giveaway! 

Llawer o gariad gan,
WGP xxx

IMG_8709 IMG_8711

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