5 Top Tips for Maintaining Your On Fleek Lippy

Nobody wants smudged lips or stained teeth, so how do you keep your gloss on track? Learn more about how to ensure a look that will last.


In today’s world of Kardashian/Jenner ruled beauty standards, it can become quite a task trying to keep up. If you’re not quite as secure in your lipstick skills as the first family of modern media and dream of mastering the perfect oxblood, dark berry lip, here are a few tips and tricks for on fleek lippy.

Get Rid of Dry Lips

Okay, before we dive head first in to the world of nude lipsticks and contouring, let’s start with the basics.

Before applying anything to your lips, you have to ensure that the skin is in prime condition. You can either make your own DIY lip scrub (find the recipe here), or just use some good old fashioned tape.

Tape, yes that’s correct. After spending what will feel like a century of your life finding the end, rip some off and wrap it around your finger. Then it’s just a case of dabbing your lips and pulling away any excess skin.

It may seem like a tedious exercise, but trust us when we say it’s worth the extra effort. Not only does it keep your lips looking primed and healthy, but it also creates a soft and stable base for your lipstick.

Start with Pencil

Lip pencils aren’t simply for lining. For the perfect matte look that lasts, try shading your lips with a nude, or skin toned colour before applying your gloss or lipstick.

Start with a heavy outline, although still remaining on the inside of the lips, and use your finger to blend the pencil into the rest of your lips.

The blending will help you achieve a contoured affect, as well as provide a solid base for your lipstick.

Add Some Concealer

If you’re a fan of contouring, you probably already know that concealer is a girl’s secret weapon. But, what you may not know, is that it can be applied to your lips.

To ensure that it doesn’t look too clumped, use a small, hard tipped brush to blend your concealer working from the outside in.

Only use the concealer in the centre of your lips, that way your cupid’s bow is fully accentuated by the added highlight.

Mix Your Lipstick


It may say matte on the packaging, but sometimes the label alone doesn’t guarantee all day coverage.

For the ultimate staying power, whip out your petri dish and mix together your chosen lipstick and just a pea sized amount of foundation.

The small amount won’t damage or blunt the colour, but it will thicken the mixture, allowing for longer coverage with no cracking or pealing during your day.

Finally, Get Some Lipstick Lock!

Not only does some setting spray keep your make up firm and fierce for longer, but it’s also great for peace of mind.

Some swear by hairspray, but the setting spray allows for maximum security without that sticky feeling.

These are our top tips for an on fleek pout that’s likely to make it through a hectic schedule. Do you have any tips or tricks? Let us know! Otherwise, give these a go and we’re sure you’ll find success.

Author Bio

Dr. Rob is a leading lip filler specialist who prides himself on creating the perfect pout for every individual. Whether it’s Jolie’s smoulder or a Californian smile, Prefect Lips by Dr. Rob has exactly what you need for the look you desire. Call 0333 577 9293 for your free lip consultation.


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