My Go-To Hangover Cure

A few weeks ago my friend Mandy  invited me over for a glass of wine. Three bottles later I was absolutely steamin, like red wine head steamin. I woke up in her spare room the next day with one of the worst hangovers ever. An hour later I was fine, all thanks to my new go-to hangover cure which absolutely smashes it.

The best bit is, it costs less than £2!

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Coceaunut water – Coconut and Lime water 49p!

So I discovered this coconut water in Savers (I dunno where else they sell it) and it’s legit the best. It doesn’t have the overly metallic taste most do and it’s got like a limy, slight saltiness that slays a hangover. P.s this company is based in Powys so not only is it a miracle worker, it’s also Welsh!

(Top tip: bang a bottle of coconut water before you go to sleep when you’re pissed too. That helps. So does a cup of tea)

Vitamin Store – Children’s vitamins £1.49

A good nights sleep and our daily dose of vitamins are crucial to lookin’ and feelin’ lush – and these little chewy bastards are perfect for those days when we haven’t got the time or energy to eat a million apples.

Both my little miracle workers are from Savers.

You can get the hangover mug here.

Get well soon girls. Love ya,


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