All-Wales lottery, Loteri Cymru launches!

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about what it would be like to be rich, or what it must be like to win loads of cash? It’s normally a Sunday night innit, before the pre-work dread kicks in!

I’m definitely guilty of wandering around Marks and Spencer’s food hall and fantasising about what it must be like to do your big shop there and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve added ALL the things to my online basket, laughed and closed the tab. #OneDay

But, keep your acrylics crossed for me girls cos I’ve bought a £1 ticket (I actually got 3) to play new Loteri Cymru ‘loto’ game, where a top prize of £25,000 is up for grabs every week!

In preparation for the first draw show this Friday (28th April) at 8pm on S4C, the guys in charge at Loteri Cymru have asked me to share what I’d spend my winnings on if my 5 numbers are drawn…

I don’t wanna sound shallow but I think once the bubbles had been drunk and I’d stopped jumping around, the serious spending would start!

I reckon I’d pump my money back into the local economy and support my neighbourhood salon; I could get my nails done every 2 weeks for the next 2 and a half years with £25,000! Saying that, strutting into Flannels down Churchill Way and coming out with 60 pairs of Louboutin’s and Choos sounds pretty dreamy too!

I dunno if I could really commit to one big purchase though, so once I had a few designer pieces, and a new set of acrylics, I’d have to get serious.

Hanfod Cymru has been set up as an independent charity which will distribute the money raised by Loteri Cymru to good causes across the country, which is great news. And whilst buying a ticket also helps support loads of amazing Welsh causes, I think I’d also want to donate some of MY £25,000 win to charity too.

A £5,000 donation from me to Cancer Research Wales could provide a sizeable sum to someone’s PhD studentship, allowing them to complete potential lifesaving, pioneering cancer research. As well as supporting the amazing work they’re doing, I’d also have to donate a huge chunk to the Wallich, a homeless charity in Cardiff that does vital work in the community. A sizeable donation to them could help them run their homeless shelters and help fund courses for residents and service users.

If I had any money left over (unlikely, I know) then I’d deffo rent me and the girls a VIP Hospitality box in the Principality Stadium for the next Wales vs England game. Food & drink, lush views and a chance to meet the players afterwards? Sounds like my dream weekend!

All that planning has convinced me that I NEED to win on Friday to make this a reality. Saying that, I know I’d be landed if I didn’t get the jackpot and only won the ‘loto+’ draw – where ten tickets each month get picked at random to win £1,000. I reckon I could still do some damage with that…

To be in with a chance of bagging the £25,000 top prize yourself, head to Loteri.Cymru, pick your lucky 5 numbers and buy a ticket today.

Pob lwc babes xoxo





*This is a sponsored post



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