The Sport Relief Billion Steps Challenge! 

The Sport Relief Billion Steps Challenge!

Last week you will have seen me post about a Sport Relief Challenge in which I was gunna get a crew of us together and walk across the Cardiff Bay Barrage. Aside from it being a lush opportunity to meet loads of you and have a gossip, there was a really important reason I was doing this.

Sport Relief have set Britain the challenge of completing 1 Billion steps a day to help raise awareness of their charity and boost the Nation’s fitness! The challenge has been taking place between Saturday the 17th of March and ends tomorrow on the 23rd .

I was aware of the work Sport Relief did through Comic Relief to help fund vital projects in Africa, and since last year they’ve been able to treat over 900,000 people with anti-malarial drugs and provide over 3.4 million people with maternal, neonatal and child health care. What I wasn’t aware of was the work they did to help people in Britain who are suffering with mental health problems. To date comic relief have helped over 50,000 people living with mental health problems in the UK!

As someone who’s struggled with anxiety and depression, I really wanted to jump on board and get involved with this years project – but the weather had other plans!

Because of the bloody snow, I had to cancel my Barrage walk, which I was hoping would raise 250,000 steps to contribute towards the Sport Relief total!

But I’ve got a new plan. I’m determined for us to raise these steps and help them reach 1 Billion steps by the end of Friday! And here’s how you can get involved, by 8pm on Friday the 23rd of March, I want you to send me a screenshot of your Sport Relief app showing how many steps you’ve done in the day OR join our league and we can all track our steps at the same time. It will even tell us whose in the lead!

Join the Welsh Girls Together League HERE

I”m gunna add these together to get our WGP grand total and I’m hoping if we all get moving, we’ll smash the target! To help motivate you, I’ll be giving away a goodie bag* to the person whose done the most steps by 8pm tomorrow!

All you need to do to get involved is download the Free Sport Relief app, follow the instructions on the screen (it’s dead easy) to link your health app or Fitbit and your daily steps will appear on the screen. Whether you get out your Uber early, dance like Beyonce in your living room or skip the lift for the stairs, I’m hoping that Friday’s the day we SMASH these steps!

This really is a charity close to my heart and I’m hoping tonnes of you get involved so we can help spread the word about the amazing work they’re doing. You can also make a donation to the charity via the app.

Good luck girls and don’t forget to send me your screenshots by 8pm Friday or make sure you’ve joined the WGP League by clicking the link above or checking out my pinned tweet.

Cariad Mawr,



*Goodie bag will contain a WGP Mug, a WGP Tote and a Sport Relief t-shirt!

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