Tywysoges Tribe

From day one, the Tywysoges jumper has been my best seller 👸🏻

Hundreds of you are bouncin’ around the country like the absolute Tywysoges that you are which honestly fills my heart. But there are still people in the world who use ‘Princess’ as a derogatory term.

‘She’s such a princess’ > translation > she’s such high maintenance.

But a tywysoges is not a princess. It’s not as simple as a translation of language, it’s so much more than that. And I I obviously don’t mean it in the royalist sense, (unless your Mam an Dad are a genuine King an Queen like)

It means to be born from pride, and to be proud of your country, your language and yourself. A tywysoges woman is indispensable, independent an incredibly lush.

You might not wanna be a princess, you might not wanna raise one, but trust me, you’re gunna wanna be a tywysoges.

Join the lushest crew in the land and click here – to get your very own Tywysoges sweatshirt or t-shirt 👑


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