Two weeks ago I wrote this blog, and posted this picture on Insta…


You babes have been askin for more Tywysoges merch since I launched the black and pink jumper, an it got me thinking.

We are a tribe, an we are this amazing group of modern Welsh women an we should showcase that, an so because every tribe needs it’s uniform, here it is… The brand new, exclusive Tywysoges Tribe Merch!

You’re gunna love the 100% cotton, soft, slim fit t-shirt and the more work friendly mug! God knows I love sippin’ my coffee out the ‘Bore Da Bitches’ mug, but you’re right, it’s hardly appropriate for the office.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset


Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Tywysoges Tribe Mug  – £12.00

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Twysoges Tribe T-shirt, 100% cotton  – £18.00
Small UK 4-6 / Medium UK 8-10 / Large UK 12-14 / XLarge UK 16-18 

Let us know at the checkout which size you’d like.



I get tonnes of messages from people across the country asking for tips, advice and recommendations, so I figured why don’t I connect us all together, so people up and down the country can get the help they need. Whether that’s relationship advice, tips on the best place to get a manicure in Machynlleth, lushest cocktails in Carmarthen, or help with your Welsh homework. Let’s get together to help each other.

Join the Tribe HERE! 

I’ll be emailing more information soon, so make sure you’re signed up.

Until then, stay lush



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