The FOR Cardiff Card: A fabulous new idea!

Remember years ago when I Loves The ‘Diff joked about Cardiff havin’ it’s own money? Well now we kinda have…

The new Cardiff Gift Card, set up by FOR Cardiff to improve the business district in the city,  is a new initiative to encourage shoppers to spend their money with independent businesses in the city.

From lush gin cocktails and fancy date nights at Bar44 and Asador44, to coffee, cake, lunch, and every foodie destination in-between.

But it’s not just bars and restaurants, you can use the Cardiff Gift Card at over 50 indie businesses dotted about the city! For the full list, click here.

When ForCardiff sent me a card loaded with some ‘Diff Dollars’, I knew straight away where I was gunna spend them, because I followed my nose all the way down to the Castel, to the Fabulous Welshcake store opposite.


Literally, how lush is the smell of Welshcakes cooking on a griddle though?


These fabulous lot serve them fresh from the top, just like your Nain/Mamgu/Nan/Nanna (delete as applicable) used to make, with a range of scrummy flavours from your traditional, straight up Welsh cakes to White chocolate and coconut, and lemon and apricot.


Find the fabulous lot in Cardiff’s Castle arcade, and to win your very own FORCardiff card loaded with £50 to spend at any of these places, head to my social pages to find out more.


All photos Fabulous Welshcakes (except this one ⬆️)

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