2018, you’ve been a babe!

2018, you’ve been one helluva year. 

I’ve written this post twice and deleted it both times. I started writing how I had massive plans for WGP this year, but how taking on new clients with my consultancy and starting a new business with my other half kept me pretty busy (I now know a new level of tiredness!) I felt like I had this cloud of guilt over me because I hadn’t achieved what I wanted to. I don’t come up with enough new designs. I’ve got stock sat in my office I haven’t put on the site yet. I still don’t have an organised system for processing my orders. I still run to the post office 5 minutes before it closes and apologise like mad to the guys there. 🤦🏻‍♀️

There are days I wake up and think, what am I doing with this? Would anyone actually give a fuck if I closed my shop? And then it happens, every single time I doubt myself, I get an email saying someone’s placed an order, and my heart explodes. Through everything that’s happened this year, you babes have kept me smiling and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

Today I packed the last order of the year and it felt symbolic. 

Like I could put this year to bed and start 2019 fresh. 

Naturally I’ve got big plans! I really do wanna expand the shop, get new designs out and start organising my orders more, but ya know what? If I don’t get round to that, then that’s ok. I didn’t start WGP to put pressure on myself. This is a side hustle and a helluva fucking fun one. So if you girls keep ordering, then I’ll keep posting. I can’t ask for more than that. 

Nos da you gorgeous lot. I’m off to crackin open the Prosecco and sleeping for about 24 hours straight! X


📷: @picturesoflibby 

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