You wanna be in Our Squad?

Would it surprise you to learn that 576,000 women in Wales don’t participate in any form of activity? I was shocked when I first read that too, then I remembered I buy my joggers based on how comfy they look for a hangover, an the last thing I ran, was a bath.

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My Go-To Hangover Cure

A few weeks ago my friend Mandy  invited me over for a glass of wine. Three bottles later I was absolutely steamin, like red wine head steamin. I woke up in her spare room the next day with one of the worst hangovers ever. An hour later I was fine, all thanks to my new go-to hangover cure which absolutely smashes it.

The best bit is, it costs less than £2!

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The Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide!

All the gifts in my guide this year are from companies owned by women working in Wales, cos we’re the best! Pick up some last minute bits from this list and you’ll be shopping local and supporting Welsh girls!

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13 photos of Wales your Insta deffo needs

With the weather brightenin up (hands in praise emoji) and the days gettin longer it’s the perfect time to get out there and explore Wales, aka the most Instagramable place on earth. So pack up the car, charge your phone and get ready to snap these lush spots*

* #NoFilterNeeded

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Pitch – Cardiff’s first all Welsh restaurant

Last weekend, freshly preened, thanks to my Glam squad, and with a rumbling tummy, my other half and I headed over to the newest restaurant to hit Mill Lane – Pitch. Cardiff’s first all-welsh eatery! Continue reading “Pitch – Cardiff’s first all Welsh restaurant”

The Definitive Guide to Rugby

So as far as I’m concerned, the Six Nations start today, when we take on our Celtic brothers Scotland, in what always proves to be a truly fit and rugged game, because to be honest, I’m just not even ready to talk about what happened last weekend…

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My Beef with Burger & Lobster

The new Burger & Lobster in town looks lush. The interior & the drinks menu look fab. But, (as anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen me point out recently) why would you serve American meat to a country who produces some of the best beef in the world?

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