Lookin’ Lush

There’s so much beauty in Wales. From the vast green hills to the gorj selfies that pop up on Instagram every week! Inspired by this (mostly the latter), I’m startin a new WGP feature, so say hello to Lookin’ Lush, a weekly roundup of all the lush lookin things which have happened on social media […]

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Review : Funky Pump Fitness

My Tuesdays are normally spent on the sofa, eating Ice-Cream and binge watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. But with a holiday booked for 3 months time, and a desire for a Kim K style derrière in my bikini, I graciously accepted Rachel Morris‘ invitation to try the latest fitness craze to sweep South Wales, The […]

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The Hangover Post

It’s the moment none of you have been lookin forward too, the dreaded mornin after. Your blurred memories of the night before swirl around your head as you struggle to remember if last night really was as fabulous as you imagine, or if, like every other weekend, you just ended up makin a tit of yourself down Mill Lane.

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That Bitch Bulimia

When you suffer from an addiction which threatens your health, and you’re lucky enough to be offered support, it is encouraged, that you cut out whatever it is you’re addicted to. It’s very straight forward.

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The Mac Attack

“I’m bringing sexy back”, chimed one of Hollywood’s finest fitties, Mr Justin Timberlake. And would you grab a look at who’s brining Sexy Mac!? Two of Cardiff’s finest fitties Miss Lorna Oakley and Justine Jones.

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