The Welsh Indie Gift Guide 🎁

For anyone who’s still got gifts to buy and either can’t face town or can’t get to the high st, I’ve created a little Indie Gift Guide so you can shop and support some amazing Welsh brands from the comfort of your sofa! FOR THE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE The Welshiest G&T Gift Set, Cygnet […]

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Baked Perl Wen 💫

There’s something about this time of year when the evenings are dark and dreary that just absolutely makes me wanna bake cheese! I’ve always loved a baked Camembert and Brie so when Discover Delicious included a whole Perl Wen in a box of treats they sent me recently, you know the first thing I did was […]

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16 lush Airbnbs in Wales

I started writing this blog this afternoon and jumped right in with a ‘Following today’s Welsh gov announcement, here’s my top…’ and then I stopped myself because HELLO! I’m writing a blog?! It’s been absolutely ages since I wrote something here! Between taking a break, closing the shop, running other businesses and generally just trying […]

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The end of an era

On January 19th 2016 I quit my job. It wasn’t that job in particular that had made me impulsively and with no prospects lined up walk out of that office but rather being employed in general. I’ve never been good at working for other people. Between my inability to sit-still, my boredom and the fact I […]

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Tywysoges Tribe

From day one, the Tywysoges jumper has been my best seller 👸🏻 Hundreds of you are bouncin’ around the country like the absolute Tywysoges that you are which honestly fills my heart. But there are still people in the world who use ‘Princess’ as a derogatory term. ‘She’s such a princess’ > translation > she’s […]

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You wanna be in Our Squad?

Would it surprise you to learn that 576,000 women in Wales don’t participate in any form of activity? I was shocked when I first read that too, then I remembered I buy my joggers based on how comfy they look for a hangover, an the last thing I ran, was a bath.

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My Go-To Hangover Cure

A few weeks ago my friend Mandy  invited me over for a glass of wine. Three bottles later I was absolutely steamin, like red wine head steamin. I woke up in her spare room the next day with one of the worst hangovers ever. An hour later I was fine, all thanks to my new […]

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Stockin’ Fillers!

If you’ve finished your Christmas shopping da iawn! If like me you leave everything till last minute then don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to order these fab stockin’ fillers!

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Lookin’ Lush

There’s so much beauty in Wales. From the vast green hills to the gorj selfies that pop up on Instagram every week! Inspired by this (mostly the latter), I’m startin a new WGP feature, so say hello to Lookin’ Lush, a weekly roundup of all the lush lookin things which have happened on social media […]

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The Hangover Post

It’s the moment none of you have been lookin forward too, the dreaded mornin after. Your blurred memories of the night before swirl around your head as you struggle to remember if last night really was as fabulous as you imagine, or if, like every other weekend, you just ended up makin a tit of yourself down Mill Lane.

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